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January 2019

NEW Issues around Disclosure, Law and Therapy: Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence

A workshop for counsellors interested in the ‘journey’ of someone who discloses and goes through the criminal justice system, highlighting the challenges for both clients and the therapist....

Sat 19th
An image depicting the word Anxiety

Introduction to Understanding Anxiety Disorders

An introductory workshop introducing the more common types of anxiety such as panic, health anxiety, social phobia, general anxiety disorder (GAD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)....

Sat 26th

February 2019

NEW – Introduction to Trauma

Increase your knowledge, skills and understanding of PTSD, trauma reactions and symptoms....

Sat 2nd

NEW – An Introduction to Yoga and Therapy: Understanding the science behind the tools of Yoga and Mindfulness

A workshop for counsellors and therapists with an interest in the body and working somatically...

Sat 9th

March 2019

Body Talk – Working with the Unspoken in Therapy

A workshop for counsellors and therapists interested in deeply exploring body awareness in therapy and illuminating working with non-verbal phenomena and countertransference...

Sat 2nd

NEW – From Early Attachment to Borderline Personality Disorder: Traumatic Attachment and Dissociation

Many of the characteristic symptoms of patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) become clearer if we understand the connection to attachment, trauma, and adverse life experiences....

Sat 2nd

NEW – The Neuroscience of Transformation

This interesting workshop will focus on the neuroscience of therapeutic change within the Emotional Coherence Framework...

Sat 9th

NEW – Introduction to Sand Tray Therapy

This workshop is designed to offer an introduction to using a sandtray in a therapeutic process with adult clients. ...

Sat 16th
silhouette of a person with their head in their hands showing depression and anxiety

New – Working with Anticipatory and Existential Loss: Mapping a New Future

A workshop looking at the circumstances, settings and types of anticipatory loss and how to work with it. ...

Sat 23rd

Creating a Safe Place and Building Resources

Learn new skills to build individual calm/safe places with your client to help them process significant life or distressing events....

Sat 30th

NEW – Working with Gay Male Clients in Therapy

This workshop will focus specifically on the experience of the male client who identifies as gay. We will explore the developmental process of the gay male client, and the impact of growing up in a heteronormative culture....

Sat 30th

April 2019

NEW – Shadows in the Body

This interesting workshop will focus on the use of somatic practices to enhance the building of the therapeutic relationship and its subsequent effectiveness as a container in which our shadows can safely emerge....

Sat 27th

May 2019

NEW – An Introduction To Using Mindfulness When Working with Young People Aged 14-25

This interactive workshop is aimed at introducing therapists and counsellors in working with mindfulness in children, adolescents and young people aged between 14 - 25 years old....

Sat 4th
image of a couple, looking at each other, whilst undergoing counselling for couples

Working with Couples – 6 day Programme for 2019

A 3 weekend course created specifically for trained and experienced therapists, seeking to add the theory and practice of relationship and couple counselling to their existing skill set....

Sat 11th

June 2019

NEW – Games in Relationships

A workshop for counsellors and psychotherapist’s who work with clients in individual and couples therapy....

Sat 8th
an image of a child holding his father's hand representing their attachment

NEW – Understanding Attachment Styles: Yours and Your Clients

Understanding attachment styles and their impact to help clients create more satisfying and fulfilling relationships in adulthood....

Sat 15th

NEW – An Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga: How to incorporate trauma sensitive yoga into your therapeutic practice

A practical workshop for health professionals, mental health workers and yoga teachers with an interest in making their current practice and classes more trauma informed...

Sat 22nd
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