Employee Therapy Assistance in Newcastle upon Tyne

Providing employee therapy assistance in Newcastle upon Tyne to help employees work through their problems, enhance their wellbeing and morale and improve workplace performance.

Providing employee therapy assistance in Newcastle upon Tyne to help employees work through their problems, enhance their wellbeing and morale and improve workplace performance.


Employee Therapy Assistance in Newcastle upon Tyne is available at Jesmond Therapy Centre which offers a range of therapeutic interventions to support employees who may be struggling to cope at work.   Whilst work related issues including stress, bullying and overwork can negatively impact an employee’s performance, personal issues such as bereavement & loss, relationship & family problems or other traumatic life events can have a similar negative effect and can distract employees from their work.  

Alternatively, a group of employees may have faced a distressing experience which has affected them as a team, and they find it difficult to move on. By connecting your employees to one of our independent, qualified and experienced therapists, you can support them through their difficult times and help them get back on track to their optimal performance whilst also exercising your duty of care as an employer.  

What does it involve?

Once you contact us to arrange therapy for your employee, we will initially discuss the outline of the case and therapy requirements before agreeing with you a suggested therapeutic plan and a price. Once this has been agreed, we will assign one of our independent therapists to carry out an initial assessment before beginning the therapeutic work.

Depending upon the issues presented, we may recommend Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or Psychology. Employee Counselling / Therapy Assistance is usually short term in nature, typically 8 – 12 sessions and payment is taken in advance for at least the first 6 sessions. However, for employees dealing with significant traumatic issues, we may recommend EMDR Therapy, which is a specialist trauma therapy typically requiring 12 – 20 sessions.

We are generally able to offer appointments within one week of the initial contact on a day and time to suit the employee and their workplace. Sessions take place at our peaceful and relaxed therapy centre in central Jesmond or remotely. 

Where a group of employees have been affected by an issue or incident and require a specific therapeutic intervention, then arrangements can be made for an appropriate therapist to attend the workplace.

All therapy provided to employees is on the basis that the employee attends voluntarily and that the sessions are confidential between the employee and the therapist.

What are the Benefits?

Counselling offers a safe, confidential place for your employees to talk about the issues that are causing them concern with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help them improve the situation. It can be an invaluable resource for managers, who feel unable to help with a more complex or personal problem that an employee is facing.

It is recognised that counselling interventions have been found to reduce sickness absence rates and help employees who are absent from work to return to work more quickly and with a more positive outlook and an increased sense of wellbeing.

As a small organisation, we can provide a personalised service, working with managers and HR representatives to help employees from all sectors and working environments to gain the benefit and support of specialist practitioners.

We do not require any long-term commitment or annual contract with employers and are happy to work with employers and clients on an as and when required basis.

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