What clients say about us.

“Receiving counselling at Jesmond Therapy Centre has made a real difference to my life. I’d been feeling overwhelmed, weighed down by problems on all sides, losing hope and sinking. I had begun to think that life wasn’t worth the hassle of living. But working together over time, my counsellor and I looked not just at the problems, but at me, the person. With her support I began to build strategies for survival and success. It’s a journey and I’m still on it. But I’m not sinking anymore, I’m still here with hope for the future.”

Michael (54)

“Counselling has given me the support I needed to become more confident and make positive changes to my life.”

Kate (38)

“All of the staff at the Jesmond Therapy Centre are kind and approachable. The facilities are excellent offering calm and pleasant rooms and a safe haven in the heart of the city. The centre attracts excellent professionally qualified therapists with a broad range of expertise and experience. My therapeutic journey at the centre has enriched and transformed my life bringing understanding peace and meaning. I recommend Jesmond Therapy Centre without hesitation.”

Graham (48)

“When life gets just that little bit too much to cope with, there’s nothing better than calling into the Jesmond Therapy Centre. Although I love the convenience of its Jesmond location,  once you cross the doors, you feel a million miles away. From the sensual aromas and tranquil music to the welcoming smile from the team there – everything about the JTC is designed to help even the most stressed out career girl find her Zen. My current favourite is the healing hands of Maxine and the Blissful Boost treatment. There may be 1000 emails to answer but once I’ve walked in the door, its me time. A trip to the Jesmond therapy centre always makes me ready to face the world again………..or ignore it until tomorrow !”

Jen (34)

“My counselling experience has been quite a journey challenging at times but always kind and supportive. My counsellor has skilfully ‘walked with me’ throughout my therapy often exploring and examining difficult and painful issues whilst also developing my self-awareness and compassion towards myself and others. Such wisdom has transformed my self-esteem and has led to experiencing happier more meaningful relationships. Feeling connected has also brought me real joy as well as purpose and meaning to my life. Ultimately my therapy has proved deeply rewarding and life enriching.”

Andy (45)