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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the traditional Western massage for the whole body (including back, legs arms and neck).   It is a firm and brisk massage which is useful for treating muscular tension.  It also increases the blood and lymph circulation and like most massage treatments helps the body to detox and relax.

What does the Therapy involve? 

Following an initial consultation, where the therapist will ask you about any injuries or conditions that you may have, you will be asked to undress (apart from underwear) and lie on a comfortable therapy bed.   You will be draped with towels or sheets to ensure your modesty.

The therapist will then apply a pure carrier oil such as grapeseed or sweet almond oil to the skin.  This will help the therapists hands glide along the body whilst performing a variety of massage strokes designed to warm up the muscle tissue, release tension and gradually break up muscle “knots” or adhered tissues.     This treatment is a brisk and firm massage,  which usually starts with the back and moves onto the legs and arms.   You can however advise the therapist if you have a preference for a lighter or firmer touch.

The massage techniques used in a Swedish massage include:

  • Effleurage – long stroking movements to warm the muscles
  • Petrissage – kneading, wringing and thumb pressure type massage movements to reduce muscle tension
  • Tapotement – striking type movements such as ‘hacking’ and ‘cupping’ techniques to help relax the muscles and boost the circulation

As with most massage it is best to have done regularly to benefit fully from the treatment.  However, a one off treatment will still help with muscle tension and relaxation.

What are the Benefits?

Swedish Massage helps has been found to have many benefits including:

  •  Reduced muscle tension
  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Improved skin texture
  • Relief from anxiety and emotional stress
  • Feeling of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Energy boost


60 minutes                                         £45.00

90 minutes                                         £62.00

All our massage treatments allow time for a consultation and changing, therefore a 60 minute treatment will involve approximately 50 minutes of hands on therapy.


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