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Nutritional Screening TESTS


Testing can be used to gain more insight into your health status by evaluating how the physiology of your body is functioning, your nutritional status and to identify factors contributing to health issues.  A test may involve a blood, saliva, urine or stool sample.  Dependant on the style of test you may be able to collect the sample at home or you may be asked to attend a health clinic to provide samples.

There are a wide variety of tests available to assess many biochemical and nutritional imbalances such as;

  • Food Intolerance Tests
  • Gastrointestinal Tests: digestion and gut function analysis
  • Immunology Tests: allergy and antibody profiles
  • Endocrine Tests: hormone profiles
  • Nutritional and Toxin Status Assessment
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • Genomic Profile

For a consultation with our Nutritional Therapist please contact us.    Prices for Nutritional Tests vary.

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