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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, water heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat of the stones combined with the strokes of massage can be deeply relaxing and healing, as the warmth of the stones helps to warm up tight muscles enabling the therapist to work deeper into the muscle tissue.

What does the Therapy involve?

On arrival a consultation will be carried out to find out about your health and well being; this will highlight any focus areas as well as deciding how to adapt the treatment specifically to your needs. After the consultation you will be given time to undress privately and lie down on the massage table.   During the massage you be modestly draped at all times.  Only the area being worked on will be exposed.

The therapist often begins by applying oil to the body, which allows the hot stones to glide smoothly over the oiled skin allowing the warmth of the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles.  Stones of various shapes and sizes may be used, big ones on the big muscles, smaller ones on smaller muscles.   The therapist may also leave heated stones at specific points along your spine and other parts of your body.    This is a full body massage consisting of massage to the face, neck, shoulders, upper chest, scalp, arms, hands, legs, feet, and back.

Hot stone massage can be combined with aromatherapy essential oils for an extra luxurious treatment.

What are the Benefits?

Hot Stone massage is effective way to calm bring calmness to the mind, melting away tension and taking you to a deeper level of relaxation than other types of massage.   You are left feeling serene and energised with a heightened sense of well-being.

The soothing warmth of the hot stone massage treatment can increase blood flow around the body, sedate the nervous system, stimulate the lymphatic system aiding detoxification, promote deep relaxation in the muscles, reducing muscle spasms, and boost the immune system.


60 minutes                                         £45.00

90 minutes                                         £62.00

All our massage treatments allow time for a consultation and changing, therefore a 60 minute treatment will involve approximately 50 minutes of hands on therapy.


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