Family Law and Family Mediation

Every family is different and the relationships within every family are different.    If you find yourself facing the breakdown of your relationship, or are concerned that it is not working as you would like it to, you may need to consult with a family lawyer.    Our qualified and experienced Solicitors provide legal advice and family mediation from the discreet, calm and relaxed environment of Jesmond Therapy Centre.

What does the Therapy involve? 

Family Law

– we provide legal advice in respect of all aspects of relationship breakdown whether you are married/living together with or without children.    We also provide advice in relation to the arrangements for children when relationships break down.   Our Solicitors are also trained in the Collaborative divorce/separation process, which is a process in which you and your partner can agree at the outset not to go to court but to resolve matters by meeting together in a 4-way meeting with your collaborative lawyers who will provide advice and support.   The collaborative process offers the prospect of delivering a solution for the long term benefit of you and your family.

Family Mediation

– Mediation is an alternative route to going through the court system to resolve issues about financial matters and children, following the end of your relationship.   We can work with you and your partner to look at the relevant issues, identify each of your goals and work with you to explore the options to resolve these issues in a fair and impartial way until mutual agreement is reached.

At your first meeting, we would discuss with you the options/processes that are available to you to resolve matters following the end of your relationship, e.g. mediation, collaborative process, constructive negotiation between solicitors.    We will listen to your concerns, explain the options that are available to you and which of those may be best suited to your particular circumstances.

What are the Benefits? 

Choosing the Collaborative process or Mediation ensures that you and your partner retain control as to how you deal with the end of your relationship.    However, if, following initial discussions, you feel that neither the Collaborative process or Mediation is right for you then we would look to work with you to resolve matters by way of constructive negotiation between solicitors.

Our experienced family lawyers have over 25 years experience and understand the complexities of relationship breakdown and the impact it can have on all aspects of your life and the life of your family.


Initial 60 minute Consultation                                  FREE

Per 60 minute session thereafter                           £200.00

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