NEW – Games in Relationships
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NEW – Games in Relationships

A workshop for counsellors and psychotherapist’s who work with clients in individual and couples therapy.

In relationship with others, we develop co-created dynamics that form the foundation of that relationship. As time progresses, these relational dynamics may need to adapt in response to changes of environment, circumstances and the natural progression of the individual self – especially as we move into different life stages. However, creating what is familiar to us often overrides what is healthy for us, so we may become entangled in difficult relationship dynamics that impact on our ability to progress to a more authentic state of being. As part of this process, Bernian psychology proposed the existence of common games that arise in relationships. Such games are born from as unconscious transferential attempt to recreate what is familiar, to achieve ‘suitable’ levels of intimacy in those relationships.

Berne created Transactional Analysis (TA) as a theory for understanding personality structure and the relational dynamics observable between us.

The identification of games being played out in relationships can provide useful clinical insight into the intrapsychic process of the client(s). This can be useful in client formulation, treatment planning, and in providing therapeutic intervention. Uncovering game processes can also be a useful way of presenting unconscious process to clients, educating on the dynamics that may exist in their relationships, and the origins of where the compulsion to play such games may have begun. We will look at what the positive or negative ‘payoffs’ of games are for the client, and use a model of relationship role play to facilitate this.  We will explore both the classical model of games, while also considering more modern interpretations.

This workshop is targeted at counsellors and psychotherapist’s who work with clients in individual and couples therapy. We will introduce Berne’s ego state model of personality structure as an in-road to understanding how games play out in relationships. We will also explore a range of different relational games, looking at the theoretical structure, roleplay scenarios and case study material. We will use an investigative approach to the material to enable you to specifically identify ‘gameplay’ scenarios, advising on how to work with them. We will also consider how to manage games when they arise in therapeutic relationship.

In attending this workshop, no prior TA training is required. We will introduce key elements from the theory to support your understanding of how games play out in relationships. Having an understanding of ego-state psychology will certainly be of benefit. Please be aware this workshop is designed for working with adult clients. While there may be transferable skills applicable to working with children and adolescent clients, we will not be exploring this in this workshop.

This workshop is facilitated by Scott Staniforth and provides 6 hours of CPD.

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