EMDR Interventions for Complex Clients with Disorganised Attachment and Dissociative Features
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EMDR Interventions for Complex Clients with Disorganised Attachment and Dissociative Features

Arun Mansukhani delivers a workshop to demonstrate how EMDR clinicians can safely utilise a wide range of EMDR interventions in the treatment of complex clients with disorganised attachment and dissociative features.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Full Fee £140.00 (includes lunch and refreshments)

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Key Program Content

  1. EMDR standard protocol: when are standard preparation interventions not enough?
  2. Types of clients for EMDR according to the type of trauma.
  3. What do we term complex clients:
    1. Difficulties at an interpersonal level.
    2. Processing difficulties.
    3. Dissociative features.
  4. Initial precautions and pitfalls to avoid. Overview of the therapeutic phases in an EMDR-AIP treatment plan.
  5. Specific modifications and interventions in each phase of the EMDR-AIP treatment:
    1. Phase 1: Deferred history taking and other techniques.
    2. Phase 2:
      1. Extended phase 2. When does phase 2 end with these patients?
      2. Specific techniques and interventions. Creating the Inner Adult.
    3. Phase 3: Overwhelming or initially non accessible targets: Working towards the complete target.
    4. Phase 4 onwards:
      1. Partial processing techniques.
      2. Different presentation of images, cognitions and emotions in attachment trauma.
  6. Patients with disorganised attachment and dissociative features:
    1. Working with defences in complex cases.
    2. Distinguishing emotional states, ego states, parts and dissociative parts.
    3. Distinguishing types of parts. Understanding and exploring the Dissociative Internal System.
    4. EMDR-AIP techniques to reprocess trauma gradually and safely with clients with disorganized attachment and dissociative features.

 Learning objectives:

  1. Provide information that helps understand and distinguish the different types of trauma and response to trauma in patients.
  2. Understand the attachment and developmental pathways that lead to disorganized attachment and patients with complex dissociative features.
  3. Help understand the modifications required in an EMDR-AIP intervention with complex clients (disorganized attachment and dissociative features).
  4. Analyse different aspects that can hinder or block processing with this type of patients and how to work through these problems with specific interventions.
  5. Discuss the modifications and particularities that we have to take in account in the standard protocol while dealing with IPD patients and specific interventions we can use with these patients.
  6. Provide tools to work with Internal Dissociative systems and reprocess gradually and safely with complex clients.

The course attracts 6 CPD points from Jesmond Therapy Centre.

6 EMDR UK and Ireland CPD Points have been applied for.


This training event will take place at the new Crowne Plaza Hotel in central Newcastle upon Tyne, close to the railway station.   This modern and stylish hotel has excellent conference facilities and car parking nearby.    Refreshments and snacks will be provided through the day together with a buffet lunch.


Preferential Bed and Breakfast rates available for Jesmond Therapy Centre delegates.  Rates are fully flexible and can be cancelled up to 4 pm on day of arrival.    

Friday 21st May 2021 – £110 (estimated)
Saturday 22nd May 2021 – £140 (estimated)


Crowne Plaza BArcrowne-plaza-break outcrowne-plaza-meeting room


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Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hawthorn Square, Forth Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3SA United Kingdom

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