Being in the Body – This course is now fully booked
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Being in the Body – This course is now fully booked

A workshop for counsellors and psychotherapists, which follows on from Shadows in the Body, looking at somatic practices in shut down and dissociated people.


Shut-down and dissociated people are not ‘in their bodies,’
being nearly unable to make real here-and-now contact no matter
how hard they try’.

– Peter Levine

As a natural follow on to the workshop ‘Shadows in the Body’ – while also complete in its own right – ‘Being in the Body’ focuses on how early relational trauma predisposes us to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adulthood; to live a life marked by dissociation – into fear driven internal narratives – rather than one of relaxed embodied presence in the here and now. 

The day provides experiential exercises to identify how PTSD symptoms are driven – ‘bottom up’ – through innate adaptive responses ‘frozen’ in the body; and somatic practices to facilitate the safe and health-bestowing completion of these responses within the container of the body.

Co-dependent dynamics and the disturbing nature of intimacy are also considered from a somatic perspective, with an emphasis on how to support skillful relating through staying embodied and present.

This workshop is facilitated by Paul Sibson and provides 6 hours of CPD.  

A NEW DATE WILL BE  ADDED SOON – for further information please call reception on 0191 – 281 2167 

Please note, our training room is on the first floor and is accessed by stairs.     If you have any special requirements, or if you need to advise us of anything before booking or attending the training, then please contact us.


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