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Nutritional Therapy – Meet our ‘health heroine’!

They say ‘it takes one to know one’…

In that case, if you are a woman who has been working hard, either personally or professionally, for YEARS (maybe decades) and has let her own health and well-being be relegated to the bottom of the pile, then Aileen knows what that is like.

If you are relying mainly on coffee, wine and chocolate or comfort eating to get you through the day, then Aileen has been there.

If you are dreading to look in full length mirrors, have started shopping for ‘safe’ clothes and are only allowing head shots photos of yourself to be taken, then Aileen has felt overwhelmed by the very same frustrations.

This is probably a weird way to start an article but let’s face it, when it comes to therapy, any kind of therapy really, the most important thing is that we feel that the person listening to us, providing advice and guidance, is someone we can relate to, or more importantly, someone who can relate to us in order to be able to really understand us. There is nothing more frustrating than someone saying ‘I know what that feels like’ when deep down you feel that they really don’t actually.

When it comes to healthy eating and the need to direct one’s attention to it, Aileen knows only too well what it means and the effort that it takes, for the very reason that a few years back, she found herself burnt out and overweight, after a 20 year long demanding career in catering and hospitality. She decided that enough was enough, and it was time to put her own health on better standing. This is when she started looking into the science behind the various general facts about healthy eating that she was already aware of and underwent four years of training in London.

Today, Aileen works as a health and lifestyle coach providing accountability, advice and direction to many professional people, who like her, have found themselves too busy to look after their own health for far too long and are serious about changing and improving their current quality of life.

Weight – that can mean being both over- or under-weight – is a symptom of many conditions and it is not necessarily dictated just by how much or little food one is consuming.  Food, lifestyle, supplements, liquid intake, sleep and stress levels are all crucial factors that affect not only one’s weight gain or loss, but also one’s health and general well-being.  While a dietician is mainly concerned with activities related to the former, a nutritional therapist is more concerned with the latter. Though, the reality is that working with individuals to enhance their health and general well-being through diet and nutrition will also have a positive impact on their weight.

In general terms, Aileen uses her specialist knowledge to conduct a holistic assessment of a client’s nutritional requirements and then suggests specific changes to their diet in an attempt to prevent or alleviate illness or to promote good health.

Conditions helped by nutritional therapy range from relatively minor health problems, such as fatigue, to more chronic complaints, such as depression, arthritic joint pain, skin disease, childhood development disorders, migraines, eating disorders and asthma. If you suffer from any of these, it would certainly be worth having an initial consultation to see if and how nutritional therapy can help you.

Aileen’s process starts with a free 15 minutes consultation to find out exactly what your goals and requirements are and to explain the plan you are looking to invest in.  This is then followed by a 90 minute one-to-one intensive consultation to discover exactly where you are on the optimum health scale.  Are you actually doing better than you think, or are you needing emergency attention to save you from your own life?  There’s  no time like the present to find the answer to such important questions!

a photo of Aileen: Nutritional Therapist

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