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An image of a pregnant woman lying on her side, recieving a relaxing pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage with Aromatherapy

A gentle but releasing massage to soothe the aches and pressures of pregnancy.  This treatment can be performed at any stage of the pregnancy.  Essential oils will be adapted or omitted depending on your wishes and needs.

What does the Therapy involve?

A pregnancy massage is performed on a massage couch but adapted depending on the stage of pregnancy, so at certain times you will be sat on a stool rather than laying on the couch.

The areas treated depend on each individual client, but often the treatment will start with a back & neck massage to release the areas under most strain.    Techniques are adapted to be gentle but still effective, so that you leave relaxed but also relieved of aches.

All oils used are safe for the duration of pregnancy and can include mandarin, lavender and camomile oils.   Equally the massage can be taken with plain oils without aromatherapy.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to receiving massage during pregnancy.   The musculoskeletal system is under a lot of strain and it responds very well to regular massage.    Essential oils are blended specially for the treatment, so the blend can be created to address a number of common symptoms.

However, it is not just you who benefits from the treatment.  Unborn babies are very receptive to massage and often show their pleasure during the session!


60 minutes                                         £48.00 

All our massage treatments allow time for a consultation and changing, therefore a 60 minute treatment will involve approximately 50 minutes of hands on therapy.


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