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An image of a woman having a Raynor style massage to relieve symptoms of deep muscular tension

Raynor Style Massage

Raynor Massage is a deep body work massage that works more deeply into the tissues than a lighter relaxation massage.   Our bodies hold tension in muscles for all kinds of reasons and left untreated this can lead to longer term problems both physically and in our mental and emotional wellbeing.  The goal of Raynor massage is to find and remove all possible muscular tension from the body, relieving the client of the symptoms that tension brings, revitalising and re-energising the body and mind.

The technique was developed by a naturopath in Australia who spent years travelling and learning various styles of massage with the masters of each style.  He took the best bits of each and blended them to form a style of massage that can be subtly adapted to suit each individual client.   Best described it is a mixture of deep tissue, reflexology, acupressure and holistic massage styles.

What does the Therapy involve?

Raynor technique treats the body as a whole driven by an understanding that often one part of our body is held tight by another. For example someone with pain in their calves may have muscular tension in their feet and ankles.   For this reason the deep body work involves a large amount of focus on the parts of the body where we hold the most tension; the hands, feet, ankles, hips, belly and head.

During the treatment, pressure is applied by the therapist on points of tension found within the client’s body. The client is asked to breathe very deeply so that those points can relax and the tension can be released.

To ensure maximum benefit, each treatment is tailored around the client’s current needs which are discussed before the session begins.   Raynor Massage is performed whilst the client lies unclothed on a massage bed and is offered as either a 1 hour upper or lower body massage or a 2 hour full body massage.

What are the Benefits?

Relief from the symptoms of deep muscular tension including long term aches and pains, stress, anxiety, some stress related digestive problems, effects of emotional stress (past and present) amongst many others.

The elimination of muscular tension, leaves the body re-energised, boosts the immune system and calms the mind, leaving you free to face life’s obstacles and challenges with a clear head, relaxed body and free from stored tension.


50 minutes (Upper or Lower Body)                         £43.00

120 minutes (Whole Body)                                        £76.00

All our massage treatments allow time for a consultation and changing, therefore a 60 minute treatment will involve approximately 50 minutes of hands on therapy.


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