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a man looking at a lap-top with sex addiction problems which could be addressed by counselling

Counselling for Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Therapy offers a specialised treatment programme for those whose sexual behaviours have become out of control and which they continue with, often to the detriment of work, family and relationships.

Sex addiction often springs from unresolved emotional conflicts and psychological problems.  People with this problem often have difficulty with intimacy, insecurity about their sexuality or ambivalent feelings towards the opposite sex.   Therapy is especially effective when people have experienced personal problems due to their addiction, because it gives them a chance to rebuild their entire lives as well as combating the addiction.

Our qualified Psychosexual Therapist helps individuals overcome compulsive sexual behaviours and develop a healthy sexuality.   Therapy can help individuals understand why the addiction has occurred and address any underlying issues that may be contributing to their abnormal sexual behaviour.

Treatment focuses on helping clients understand what they are ‘anaesthising’ themselves against and help them to put in place healthy, alternative ways to meet their needs.

What does the Therapy involve? 

Our Psychosexual Therapist uses an integrative therapy to treat sex addiction.  It consists of a combination of psychotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Motivational Interviewing and helping clients understand the neuro-biology of this addiction.

The majority of sex addicts find it very difficult to change their behaviour on their own.  In the application of the integrative therapy described above, the therapist will use various techniques to aid recovery including: conducting a full and thorough assessment of the person and their problem, help with understanding the reasons for their addiction, reducing the shame and guilt addicts are inevitably feeling, work with them to find practical and effective ways of resisting ‘acting out’ (the unhealthy sexual behaviour) and last but not least, establishing a sound therapeutic relationship between client and therapist.

For clients with partners – the therapist will predominantly work with the addict in the first instance to provide them with the quickest and most effective means of getting the unwanted behaviour under control.   After that, partners are invited to join the therapy if they so wish, and the therapist will work with them together to help restore trust and renewed intimacy in their relationship.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of receiving treatment for sex addiction are many, including: improved self esteem, the ability to develop healthy sexual relationships, avoiding mental health issues which may arise from the addiction (e.g. depression, anxiety) and the extinction of wasted time and money.


50 minutes – Individual                                 £50.00

50 minutes – Couple                                      £60.00

Booking and Cancellation
Full payment for your first therapy session will be taken in advance, at the time of booking.
As our appointments are in high demand, we require at least 48 hours notice to cancel your appointment.
Where 48 hours or more notice has been given, your session fee will be refunded less a cancellation fee of £15.00. 
Where less than 48 hours notice is given, the session will be charged in full and there will be no refund


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