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Qi Drop Therapy (Advanced Aromatherapy)

Qi Drop Therapy is a clinical form of aromatherapy, designed to deliver a high concentration of essential oils to the body.    Over 100 drops of neat essential oil are applied to the spine & legs to give a powerful immune-stimulant boost.

Qi Drop Therapy is perfect for clients with low energy levels, weak immune systems, high stress levels or those recovering from illness/serious treatment.

Originally created to treat patients with HIV, Qi Drop Therapy is now used more widely to strengthen the body systems and complement mainstream treatment of many chronic health conditions.

What does the Therapy involve?

Qi Drop Therapy is a very relaxing treatment to receive.  The treatment is carried out as you lie on a therapy couch.  The essential oils are applied to the spine using gentle acupressure techniques, followed by the application of a hot compress to the length of the spine.  This encourages absorption of the oils and a pleasant tingling/warming sensation on your back.

A similar technique is applied on the lower legs and feet before the treatment ends with some energy work.

A complete treatment lasts 45 minutes and there is no oily residue left on the skin, so you can dress and go as quickly if you need to.    The oils remain in the blood stream for 7 days, so you may notice that the calming &relaxing effects of the treatment continue for several days afterwards.

A single treatment is a fantastic health boost during a busy or stressful time, however, a course of 4 treatments is usually recommended to see long term improvements, particularly if you are seeking to address a certain issue.

What are the Benefits?

The immediate benefit of the treatment is relaxation; the muscles loosen and an overactive mind is calmed.   After the treatment, you may feel tired, but the following day energy levels are increased and the unique benefits of Qi Drop Therapy become apparent.

This is a beneficial treatment for anyone with fatigue, stress or chronic colds.   It is also a balancing treatment, so it can help people struggling with an imbalance in the body e.g. PMS.   The strengthening and boosting qualities of the treatment also make it effective during recovery from illness or serious medication that has left the rest of the body weakened.


45 minutes                                          £48.00


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