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Joany Spierings

A photograph of EMDR Trainer Joany Spierings

Dr Joany Spierings is a Psychologist and a Psychotherapist, who has worked in Mental Health Services for 37 years, specializing in complex trauma and complicated grief.   She works with severely traumatised clients, developing stabilization techniques and adaptations of EMDR to fit the specific needs of these clients.   She is also the team coordinator  of the Trauma team of GGZ Oostbrabant.

She is a teacher in post-academic training, and a presenter at many national and European EMDR-Conferences. She has taught in over 25 countries worldwide.   She has been involved in EMDR since 1994, she is a senior supervisor (Consultant)  and EMDR supervisor trainer.    She is a founding member of EMDR Europe and the Dutch EMDR Association, and vice-President of the Humanitarian Assistance Program, HAP-Europe.

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