Couple Counsellor Relationships. Rekindling desire – helping couples keeping their relationships alive




9th June 2018

In relationship counselling we know that the most important factor in helping to keep couples together is to create and maintain connection. But often in long term relationships well past the honeymoon period, the loving, the vital connection has settled into a “flannel nightgown” type of relationship, bereft of adventure or fire.


The poet Octavio Paz called this the “Double Flame”: love and desire, and this workshop will present a 7-point treatment plan to enable relationship counsellors to help relight the fire in couple relationships. Esther Perel calls this “anchors and waves” and we will be exploring how couples who are already “anchors” in each other lives can introduce “new waves” and keep the vitality going.


We will use and build on the work of

  • David Schnarch (Passionate Marriage)
  • Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity)
  • Henry Dicks (Marital Tensions)
  • Dallos and Dallos (Couples, Sex and Power)

To inform our treatment plan to help refit and recreate this vital sense of connection in couple relationships.


The workshop will include a staged plan to help couples both understand, reconnect and move forwards in their relationship.


Role play included!