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Psychological therapy is used to address a range of difficulties and issues that individuals face at different points in their lives. These issues may be triggered by and closely linked to present circumstances and traumatic events in your life, or they may be rooted in childhood experience and early relationships. As a psychologist, I take a full assessment of your present understanding of your difficulties and your earlier life experience, in order to work towards your therapy aims. Although your therapy is unique to you, psychological therapy is informed by theories of child development, learning, and both conscious and unconscious models of relationships.  Psychological theory notes the connection between mind and body in terms of physical and mental wellness and health, and poor mental health, stress and physical illness.

It takes courage to come to therapy, and I never fail to be impressed by the resilience, bravery and determination of my clients to overcome great difficulties, loss and setbacks in their lives. Whatever you reasons for coming to therapy, we will work together to build on your inner strength and resilience. Together we will work through issues from the past or present that are causing distress. You will have a safe place to explore, understand and heal. We aim to achieve a sense of clarity and acceptance which will help you to make decisions that are right for you.

For me, the beauty of psychological therapy is that it takes place through communication. Evidence shows that talking therapy is as effective as anti-depressants for the treatment of low mood and depression. Talking therapy is recommended by the NHS as the treatment of choice for depression, low mood, stress, anxiety and panic attacks. I have experience of working in an NHS occupational health service, and a GP practice. I have worked with clients in the management of chronic pain and physical health conditions, as well as with a wide range of emotional, work and family related issues. It may be possible to address specific issues in short term therapy (6-8 sessions), but some issues require a long-term approach, and therapy may last for many months. We will discuss this in the first session.

Qualifications and Training

I have post-graduate qualifications in both Psychology and English Language and Linguistics, and am registered with the British Psychological Society as a Chartered Psychologist, and with the Health Care Professions Council as a Practitioner Psychologist.

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